Questionable protection for the vulnerable, unquestioned economic devastation

As a small business owner, I urge you to end the quarantine. We have time if you act now and prioritize the country’s economic pandemic. At the start, you heeded your public health experts and approved their recommended multi-week quarantine. …

Echo chambers — a media phenomena in which information, ideas, or allegations are amplified and reinforced by repetition — have been with us as long as there’s been party politics.

Before radio, television and the Internet, when printed newspapers issued news, the editors and news syndicates had monopoly power to…

Are instant leaks, using encrypted messaging apps, expanding the deep state beyond shadowy CIA operatives?

Early in episode four of Showtime’s “Homeland”, an angry President-elect Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) faces CIA Director Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) and says, “if you think it’s wise to tie the President’s hands so…

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The refugee camp was quiet.

The sun was at high noon. In this hellish heat, he first saw her — caught on a thorny hill. Her eyes stared beyond the arid land, imagining some grain for her dying daughter.

She tried to find a tear for…

Arthur Bruzzone

Writer/Commentator, TV host and producer, former politician, extreme rower, and returned Peace Corps volunteer

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